Vending and Micro Market Companies vary in the services they provide. A.H. Management Group, however, demonstrates below what our “full service” is and why this makes us a market leader.

Our definition of full-service means total and complete service. A.H. buys the equipment and provides service for this equipment at no direct cost to our client. The service provided includes route delivery service to fill and clean the machines; technical service to repair malfunctions; Installation service for delivery, placement, and equipment connection; and Customer Service Representatives to ensure that our services exceed our customers’ expectations. We also pay for local licenses, state sales tax, home rule sales taxes, and health inspections if required. 

A.H.’s full-service is very straight forward and begins with our Sales Representatives who average more than 20 years of experience in the industry. They are experts at assisting our clients by proposing a plan that best meets their break room objectives. Prior to the proposal, our Sales Representatives will measure the area, assess power and water requirements, review equipment options, learn the clients’ policies, and inquire about product requests. 

Full-Service Office Programs to Meet Your Needs

A.H. provides free machines to sell your favorite, top-brand items. We choose proven machines that deliver the best customer experience in reliability and product variety. Machine color and design are also important for creating the right break room setting.

In recent years, Micro Markets have grown in popularity for breakroom snacks, beverages, and foods.  This program offers a wider variety of products and sets an open and refreshing ambiance for the breakroom. Reach-in coolers, snack racks, and displays attractively merchandise products that are not available in vending machines. Just choose what you want, scan the items at the kiosk, and pay a completely touch-free transaction. 

Corporate Vending Machine & Micro Market Programs

Whether a Vending or Micro Market Program is chosen, both allow customers to pay with an app, mobile wallet, credit, debit, or stored value cards. You can accrue loyalty points that convert to real savings, and several products offer a free item after purchasing four of the same. Again, our Sales Representatives will work with you to see which option is the best fit for your breakroom.

The free route service A.H. provides is very efficient and has a small, green footprint. Each machine has a telemeter which collects data and transmits information back to our office. This telemeter tracks every time a vend motor is activated. This coupled with a product plan (a planogram) for each machine determines how many of each item has sold. Micro markets are online and transmit real time item sales back to our office.

Scheduling Office Snack & Beverage Deliveries

From here, we use a process called dynamic scheduling. Based on the telemeters relaying which items sold, we schedule the machines that need service on a day to day basis. 

Once the machines have been scheduled for service, their depleted inventory is sent to our pick system to be filled with next day’s service. This results in our drivers returning with empty trucks after filling the machines with exactly what they need. 

Vending Machine Repairs

Free repair service is provided to minimize disruptions. Customers generally email or place a service call when they learn of a malfunction. Telemeters, however, also report some of the most common service issues. If a machine is not accepting coins, bills, or requires exact change, we probably already know about it and have a Technician on their way. In the same manner, key performance indicators on our data dashboard let us know when a kiosk is off-line. Customers can still buy products in off-line mode, but we re-establish connectivity in order to replenish exactly what was sold. 

Office Vending Machine Service & Installation

Free installation is provided by a team of people who know the nuances of moving this equipment. Using best practices protects our clients’ floors and walls from being damaged while keeping everyone safe throughout the process. Our Installers can be scheduled to move machines when walls need to be painted or floors need to be resurfaced.

We also provide free Customer Service Representatives. Their time and attention is spent making sure that our customers have a great break room experience. They meet with customers to review new equipment, products, service requirements, and requests. All our Representatives possess lengthy tenures and have worked in other facets of the company prior to representing our customers. Their knowledge and desire to serve reassures our clients that their goals will be met.

By offering free equipment and full managed services, we earn a profit by setting competitive prices and determining an equitable sales-to-equipment cost ratio. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering these amenities at fair market pricing. 

Check us out. A.H. Management Group will always have an edge over our competition when service is the name of the game. Our full service is designed to offer a complete, convenient, and pleasant break room experience so you can focus on your own business.


Free Snacks in the Workplace

It should not come as a surprise that free snacks at work make people happier while attracting top talent. People love free things and become more collaborative when some of their most basic needs are met. 

Food is one of the best ice breakers. Generally speaking, people like to talk about different foods or like to spend time with others while they are eating. Basic break room conversations help employees find common ground, develop camaraderie and teamwork in the workplace. 

But if the company is paying for this perk, how can it make an even larger impact?  If you provide items with lots of sugar, carbs, and fat, employees will become sluggish and lethargic. Healthy snacks, on the other hand, will improve your employees’ moods, productivity, and overall health. Additionally, healthy items will help complement your corporate health initiatives.

Healthy Office Snacks Plus Sweet & Salty Treats

Avoid letting the word healthy take the fun out of the offerings. People still like items that are salty and sweet, so accommodate their pallets. Healthier sweet items include granolas, trail mixes, fresh fruit, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and honey. Healthy salty snacks would include mixed nuts, Veggie Straws, Food Should Taste Good items, Terra root chips, baked snack items, etc. Healthy items have come a long way, and today there are so many brands that taste good.

Free snack items can be accompanied by a combination of free beverages, cold foods, protein packs, and salads. A.H. Management Group offers Breakroom Pantry Services and Bistro To Go! Micro Market Programs that allow you to offer free items through food displays, coolers, and other self-serve accessories. Other food groups will also be needed to compliment some items. Cereal will require milk and granola is a nice addition for yogurts.

Options for Getting Snacks in the Office

A.H. has several options for dispensing snacks. By providing bulk products, costs are reduced with less packaging. Bulk dispensers from Rosetto or OXO also allow employees to choose their portion size while eliminating away-from-the-office consumption. Many offices prefer prepackaged items for brand recognition and to keep the break rooms cleaner. Recently, we began delivering A.H. Snack Packs.  These boxes consist of a variety of snacks displayed in tissue paper. For disbursement, we can either deliver them to a company or send them directly to employees’ home addresses. Add a personal note to these impressive gifts to let your at-home workforce know they have not been forgotten and are important to the company’s success. Several companies have been so excited about these snack boxes that they signed up for monthly employee subscriptions. 

Customize Your Breakroom Pantry Service

Keep in mind, however, that you can start with a small, free snack program. Your menu doesn’t need to be extensive. Many offices begin with free fruit and a couple of breakfast bars. Your company will receive rave reviews just by offering some type of free snack to stave off the 3:00 hunger pangs or some type of treat during a meeting.

Other competitors offer similar services, but A.H. Management Group excels at providing excellent customer service. Our Representatives will demonstrate our capabilities, so you know the full range of offerings – large or small. Thereafter, they will listen and offer advice to help you design the perfect pantry for your company. 

When is a Micro Market Kiosk the Right Choice?

When to consider a Micro Market Kiosk? 

Micro Market Kiosks are becoming ever more popular in employee break rooms, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right fit for everyone.


Things that need to be considered:

A Micro Market Kiosk works best in a closed environment. If a company has outside contractors, delivery people, truckers that have access to the market, they may not understand how the micro market concept works. We have experienced this where these outsiders think that it is a company benefit provided free of charge and it’s free for the taking.  If a client is presented with a thumb drive addressing shortages and the offenders can’t be identified, the micro market may not last long.  This same problem presents itself at companies that have high turnover or have a large temporary workforce. This is also the reason why you will not see a micro market in airports or other transient areas.

Corporate Food Service & Micro Market Benefits

Corporate Food Service & Micro Market Benefits

Why are so many corporate companies and offices choosing to put a micro market into their break room?  It’s true, many vending machines may have been replaced in breakrooms, but why – what’s driving this?

The primary reason for this mass conversion is that micro markets deliver an entirely different customer experience.  Being able to reach into a cooler for a cold beverage or pick your favorite snack from a shelf certainly embodies the “grab and go” society that we live in. With self-check-out taking place at many retailers, consumers are comfortable checking out at the micro market kiosk and the transactions are actually quicker.

Why are Items in Office Vending Machines So Expensive?

Affordable Office Vending Machine Snack Prices

This is actually a great question and one that we hear from time to time. First, stores try to have a certain number of loss leaders. These are special prices that get a consumer’s attention because they are a great deal. Sometimes these items are even sold at a loss. Well, let me clarify this. They really do not sell vending machine items at a loss because manufacturers give stores special price incentives if the store advertises the manufacturers’ products in the newspapers, etc. With the incentive dollars offsetting the low price for the product, the stores are not really losing money. Office vending machines are a completely different channel and are not eligible for these advertising incentives.

At A.H. Management, we offer reliable and affordable vending machines as well as micro market services for corporate offices and other types of public destinations. Contact a specialist at A.H. Management Group to learn more about our products and services.

Micro Market Vending & the Service Factor

Hypothetically, if all service was the same, it would be easy to find micro market vending solutions by just comparing prices on a spreadsheet. This would allow you to commoditize the process and objectively find the most price competitive vendor.

Unfortunately, service is not the same, so simple spreadsheets may help but they certainly don’t paint the full picture. Like any service industry, prices are typically determined by the level of service and the product offerings that a vendor provides. So to evaluate if the vendor is worth their prices, certain questions need to be considered to determine what’s right for your company.