Can I afford your services?

A.H has a proven track record in lowering expenses and control costs in just one year. We are with you every step of the way, giving you true managed Food Services

Do you offer healthy vending solutions?

We offer a variety of vending options that will keep your employees replenished and refreshed before returning to the workplace.

Do we have to hire a contracting company to redecorate our dining area?

No, we have all the resources available whether you want to build, redesign, or redecorate your dining hall. Our team is highly trained and able to complete every task.

Do you offer coffee services?

A.H gives every client the luxury of satisfying their diverse tastes with our large selection of coffee brands. We work with each client to provide them with their own unique coffee, tea, and water refreshment program.

We pride ourselves on being a green company. Will your services be able to cater to this?

Yes! At A.H. we are proud to be an eco-friendly company. All our services and products are made to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Do you provide custom MICRO MARKET solutions?

We offer a large selection of food options that are both fresh and healthy. We also provide custom designed Avanti markets and Bistro to go markets.

Do you offer a variety of healthy food options?

We have registered dietitian on staff to ensure your employees get the healthy food options they are looking for to return to work rejuvenated.

How am I able to get in contact to see what you can offer me?

You can contact us here. We will be able to have a meeting to discuss every option available and to meet all your needs.

How do I know you’re the right company for me?

A.H. has well over 75 years of management, maintenance, and design in cafeterias and break rooms of all sizes. We go above and beyond to accommodate all the needs of each client to ensure they are getting the proper attention they need.

What are the benefits of a Micro Market?

A micro market offers an entirely different customer experience. These are also highly sought after for employee break rooms. Look to see more reasons here.