A.H.’s Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee Program

Get Nitron Cold Brew Coffee in the Office

Most of us run our lives on coffee, and while on the job, it keeps us working at our peak performance. Most employees enjoy an iced cold brew in the morning, and rely on a hot cup of coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up to get them through the day. Due to coffee’s importance in the workplace, A.H. Management now offers this highly-desired, caffeinated, cold beverage.

Cold brew coffee is brewed at room temperature over a long period of time. This process eliminates the acidity or bitterness generally found in a hot brew coffee. This is also a reason cold brew is often favored by most! When you sip a delicious cold brew coffee, you experience the full-bodied brew that is both smooth and sweet.

A.H.’s cold brew coffee, Polar Cat, is blended and brewed by Intelligentsia. This blend produces a delicious flavor that generally doesn’t need cream or sugar. No longer will employees need to look up how to make cold brew coffee when it’s provided at the office. In addition, this coffee can be dispensed through an in-line, nitrogen gas infuser resulting in a Nitro coffee beverage. Nitro coffee is made of micro-bubbles producing a silky, stout-like head. This creates a distinctively creamy taste and finishes with a velvety soft-mouth feel.

Win the affections of your office by providing this crowd-pleasing, pick-me-up beverage.

Nitro Coffee & Intelligentsia Cold Brew

Program Specifics

Polar Cat Blend coffee by Intelligentsia creates Nitron coffee and Cold Brew coffee. Each case (containing two 64oz Bag-In-Box 5:1 Concentrate) of Polar Cat Blend makes 6 gallons of Cold brew coffee or Nitron coffee. The Nitron Coffee’s unique flavor often needs no cream or sugar. The exclusive in-line gas infuser produces cascading micro-bubbles and a silky, stout-like head that tastes distinctively creamy with a velvety soft mouthfeel, a cold brew coffee maker like no other.

Equipment-Free Program & Rentals

If the volume falls below 6 cases per month, A.H. will charge a monthly rental fee for the Nitron Cold Draft Dispenser. Call for pricing parameters!

Intelligentsia cold brew