Free Snacks in the Workplace

It should not come as a surprise that free snacks at work make people happier while attracting top talent. People love free things and become more collaborative when some of their most basic needs are met. 

Food is one of the best ice breakers. Generally speaking, people like to talk about different foods or like to spend time with others while they are eating. Basic break room conversations help employees find common ground, develop camaraderie and teamwork in the workplace. 

But if the company is paying for this perk, how can it make an even larger impact?  If you provide items with lots of sugar, carbs, and fat, employees will become sluggish and lethargic. Healthy snacks, on the other hand, will improve your employees’ moods, productivity, and overall health. Additionally, healthy items will help complement your corporate health initiatives.

Healthy Office Snacks Plus Sweet & Salty Treats

Avoid letting the word healthy take the fun out of the offerings. People still like items that are salty and sweet, so accommodate their pallets. Healthier sweet items include granolas, trail mixes, fresh fruit, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and honey. Healthy salty snacks would include mixed nuts, Veggie Straws, Food Should Taste Good items, Terra root chips, baked snack items, etc. Healthy items have come a long way, and today there are so many brands that taste good.

Free snack items can be accompanied by a combination of free beverages, cold foods, protein packs, and salads. A.H. Management Group offers Breakroom Pantry Services and Bistro To Go! Micro Market Programs that allow you to offer free items through food displays, coolers, and other self-serve accessories. Other food groups will also be needed to compliment some items. Cereal will require milk and granola is a nice addition for yogurts.

Options for Getting Snacks in the Office

A.H. has several options for dispensing snacks. By providing bulk products, costs are reduced with less packaging. Bulk dispensers from Rosetto or OXO also allow employees to choose their portion size while eliminating away-from-the-office consumption. Many offices prefer prepackaged items for brand recognition and to keep the break rooms cleaner. Recently, we began delivering A.H. Snack Packs.  These boxes consist of a variety of snacks displayed in tissue paper. For disbursement, we can either deliver them to a company or send them directly to employees’ home addresses. Add a personal note to these impressive gifts to let your at-home workforce know they have not been forgotten and are important to the company’s success. Several companies have been so excited about these snack boxes that they signed up for monthly employee subscriptions. 

Customize Your Breakroom Pantry Service

Keep in mind, however, that you can start with a small, free snack program. Your menu doesn’t need to be extensive. Many offices begin with free fruit and a couple of breakfast bars. Your company will receive rave reviews just by offering some type of free snack to stave off the 3:00 hunger pangs or some type of treat during a meeting.

Other competitors offer similar services, but A.H. Management Group excels at providing excellent customer service. Our Representatives will demonstrate our capabilities, so you know the full range of offerings – large or small. Thereafter, they will listen and offer advice to help you design the perfect pantry for your company.