Setting Up Your Office Coffee Station

An office’s coffee program has the ability to inflate morale and help communicate a company’s culture by showing appreciation for its employees. It is reasonable to say that the decisions required to set up an office coffee program are important and need careful discernment. While considering coffee station for office, many of the following items need to be considered:

  • What type of coffee machine best suits your office? 
  • Do you have the appropriate amount of space, power, and water for breakroom coffee station? 
  • Does your office like a particular coffee or does it prefer a variety of blends?
  • What type of allied products (creamer, sweeteners, teas, cups, plates, etc.) will your office provide?
  • What is your office’s coffee service budget?
  • What services are provided by the service company and which of them do they charge extra for?
  • Who will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the coffee brewers? 
  • How will the supplies be replenished – will one of your employees order the products or will the coffee service company handle the inventory?
  • Does your company have a green initiative?

As you can see, there is much thought and preparation that goes into choosing an office coffee service program; however, all these collective decisions make your company’s coffee program successful, tailor-made for your employees. Let’s walk through each of the questions related to office coffee station to help you through this process.