On-Site Food Services, A Great Employee Benefit!

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed some excellent office amenities like coffee services, water services, pantry services, micro-markets, sparkling water units, and cold brew, nitro coffee machines. Today, we’re going to discuss one of the top amenities a company can offer their employees – on-site food services.

A.H. Dining Services is a premier food service operator that tailor makes programs to fit its client’s needs. The times of operation, the menu, pricing, payment options, and many other features for on-site food services can be customized to achieve company goals.

What Does a Full-Service Food Management Company Do?

What does a full-service management company do for its clients? Full service, food service operators will assist in the concept, design, and build-out work for your dining area. We secure health permits while maintaining operational health, sanitation, and safe procedures.  We provide and support a team that will offer a high level of professional food service best practices. They will be well trained, friendly, and ready to serve your employees. We use a top-quality supplier network from which we order, receive, and maintain fresh inventory for the operation. Menus are carefully planned and supported by chefs and cooks that have culinary degrees and expertise in cooking. Orderly record-keeping and financial statements are provided each month for client approval. Eco-friendly, green initiatives are coordinated to support and emphasize a reduce, renew, and recycle culture.

Most commonly, food service operations provide breakfast and lunch offerings in the workplace with all the beverages you would find in a restaurant.  They are well-received by management as these in-house services get people to work and keep them there through the course of the day. With such a great value proposition, this benefit will also help to recruit and retain highly sought-after and talented employees.

Maximize Employee Break Time

An employee’s break time can be maximized with either pre-packaged grab-and-go items or customized online orders which are placed ahead of time and prepaid through our app. Online orders can be managed and delivered to various areas in the building or designated cubicles.  Otherwise, items can be easily picked up in the cafeteria or from a secure thermal locker.

Another great benefit of having food service personnel on-site is that they can provide catering for meetings and special events. Custom menus can be created, or Clients can choose from standard options that include entrees, veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, fresh baked cookies, etc. Recently, we began offering individually packaged items as the pandemic created a high demand for added protection.

The Future of Industrial Food Service

The days of the old cafeteria line with an industrial food service look are gone. Traditional food service operations are being refreshed with new, touchless, hybrid layouts. The design and cabinetry are warm, inviting, and stylish to capture a similar ambiance to the most popular retail establishments. This combined with name brand, product offerings like Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ, etc. will make a favorable impression on your employees. Some of the hybrid layouts offer barista bars, delis, and demonstration cooking modules. After the kitchen has closed, the pay stations can be converted to 24-hour, self-check-out kiosks to create a convenience store atmosphere.

An on-site, food service program will make your company stand above the competition. Employees will be happier and more productive. Collaboration is most likely found in an environment where employees can gather and converse around great food and beverages. Contact A.H. to get the process started for this great company benefit.